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JMMOR is publishing refereed, high quality original research papers in a broad range of mathematical modeling, operations research and its applications, optimization, statistical modeling, simulation modeling, industrial engineering and mathematical engineering.

ONLINE EDITION: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018


JMMOR publishes high quality, original papers that contribute to the methodology and application of mathematical modeling, operations research and to the practice of engineering, modeling and decision making. JMMOR contains the following types of papers:• Invited Reviews, explaining to the general mathematics, statistics and engineering audience the developments in an applications of mathematics and statistics specially in engineering topic over the recent years.

• Innovative Applications of mathematics, describing novel ways to solve real problems.

• Theory and Methodology Papers, presenting original research results contributing to the methodology of mathematics and statistics and to its theoretical foundations.

• Short Communications, including comments on papers previously published in JMMOR.

• Masters and PhD / Doctorate Dissertations / Thesis.

The Theory and Methodology Papers are classified but not limited to one of the following headings:• Applied Mathematics, Operations Research, Numerical Methods

• Applied Statistics, Survey Analysis,

• Production, Manufacturing and Logistics

• Stochastic Processes, Simulation and Decision Support

• Mathematics and Statistics for Management & Engineering

• Interfaces with other disciplines.

In addition to these types of papers, JMMOR contains Book Reviews.

Publishing Ethics

Please read the following guidelines about publication ethics carefully:By submitting your manuscripts to journals of RadZ Publishing, you agree that RadZ Publishing will consider your manuscript for review and publication if same work has not been published and/ or has not been submitted elsewhere for reviewing or publication. RadZ Publishing is committed to follow publication ethics. The ethics following the Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines of COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics). Our editors are committed and must follow Cope Guidance.Our peer-reviewers are committed and must follow COPE Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers.It is responsibility of the authors to ensure that their manuscripts are 100% their own original works with cited works of other researchers, papers, books, conference proceedings, used in the paper.It is responsibility of the corresponding author to make sure all co-authors have reviewed and consider with the content of the manuscript acceptable and agreed submission of the final version of the manuscript and have agreed to its submission for review / publication. RadZ Publishing rejects manuscripts that were found violating the following publishing ethics:

- Manuscript must include NO data fabrication

- Manuscript must include NO data falsification

- Manuscript must include NO Plagiarism (we will use Plagiarism test software)

- Manuscript must include NO Self-plagiarism

- RadZ Publishing Does NOT accept Simultaneous submissions

- RadZ Publishing Does NOT accept Duplicate publication

- RadZ Publishing Does NOT accept Overlapping publications

- RadZ Publishing Does NOT accept Redundant publications

- RadZ Publishing Does NOT accept Selective reporting

- RadZ Publishing Does NOT accept Misleading reporting

- RadZ Publishing Does NOT accept Improper author contribution or attribution

- RadZ Publishing Does NOT accept Gift authorship

- RadZ Publishing Does NOT accept Citation manipulation

- RadZ Publishing Does NOT accept Impact factor manipulation

- RadZ Publishing Does NOT accept Index/influence measure manipulation

- RadZ Publishing Does NOT accept Undeclared/fake financial support for publication

- RadZ Publishing Does NOT accept Undisclosed conflicts of interest. If a manuscript of an author was rejected due to violating any of the publishing ethics mentioned, other than immediate rejection, RadZ will NOT accept any other manuscript submitted by the same author, no matter the author was corresponding author or co-author to any of journals published by RadZ Publishing. It is responsibility of the authors to notify RadZ publishing of significant error or inaccuracy in their published manuscripts

•Readers can send their comments, complaints, claims etc. about editorial content (plagiarism, duplicate papers and other publishing ethics) by e-mail to:

RadZ publishing welcomes comments, recommendations, complaints etc. as opportunity to improve our publishing services. We reply emails fast and constructively. RadZ publishing has commitment ensuring publishing revenue will not affect editorial decisions.


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Submission Guideline

Please submit your manuscript by e-mail to:

The language of the manuscript must be in English. We only accept word.doc, word.docx and PDF version of the manuscript. We only accept manuscripts written based on RadZ Publishing format. (scroll down for RadZ Publishing format details) Please provide the following information when submitting your manuscript to RadZ publishing and we will send acknowledgement within 5 business days after receiving original and final version of the manuscripts. 1- Title of the journal 2- Contact e-mail address 3- Contact Telephone / Mobile / Cellphone number (including country code) 4- Mailing address Manuscripts submitted to RadZ publishing are subject to double blind peer review. The manuscripts are reviewed and assessed based on certain criteria to ensure quality of the journal. The manuscripts will be reviewed by reviewers (anonymous to corresponding authors and co-authors) and refereed between two to six weeks. Upon acceptance, RadZ Publishing will send original acceptance letter to the corresponding author and manuscripts are published online within 2 weeks and in the following volume of the journal. Manuscripts submitted to RadZ Publishing Ltd will be considered for publication if the authors follow the author guidelines and publishing ethics.

Instruction for authors

1- Software: Microsoft Word processing system (*.doc & *.docx) must be used for preparation of the manuscript and send the MS Word file together with the PDF file. (For manuscripts written using Latex, only send the PDF format)

2- Font Basic font Times New Roman 12pt size.

3- The language of papers should be in Proper English

4- Manuscripts should betyped in frames 14 x 21.6 cm (margins 3 cm on left and right and 4 cm on top and bottom) on A4-format white paper.

5- Margin: All of the above cases mentioned should have margin of “1 inch” for top, bottom, left and right, which is called “Normal Margin”.

6- Table: Figures and Pictures should have title, Time New Roman 10 points size. For tables, the title of the table should be at the top of the table, and for Figures and Pictures, below them.

7- References: include references inside the main text by last name of the authors followed by year of the publication in parenthesis. For more than two authors (three, four, ...) use et al. after the last name of the corresponding author.

Example(1) if authors are John Lee and Ben Brown 1990, then you can write Lee & Brown (1990).

Example(2) If authors were John Lee, Ben Brown and David Gibson published in the year 2011 then write as John et al. (2011).

Example(3) From a website, include author's name only if mentioned then include web address in the references section; otherwise only the main web address should mentioned in the main manuscript's text and the complete web address can come in the references section.

Examples of reference items based on various types are provided in the References section includes the following:

Books:R. S. Leto and P. Liew, Cancer and Microtechnology, 5thd Ed., E. E. Goodman, Jr., Ed. Berlin, Germany: Springer-Verlag, 1990.

Book in a series:J. B. Hward Ed., Pure Analysis of Data, ser. Lecture Notes in Pure Mathematics. Berlin, Germany: Springer, 1990, vol. 12.

Journal article:S. Lee, Z. Zhu, “A New Method in DEA”, Journal of Operations Research, vol. 20, pp. 569–571, 1999.

Conference paper:K. Wellson, J. Lee, “High in pressure", in Proc. SCIC’01, 2001, paper 5.2.14, p. 18. Patent:D. L. Riko, V. Lee and B. Brown, “Article ” U.S. Patent 9 178 1242, Oct. 26, 2001.

Website:(2022) The SCIS website. [Online]. Available: Web page:R. Morad. (1998) SCIS homepage on RADZ. [Online]. Available: Data book : as a manual: VAO ronny guide (DDF11245), ronny, 2001.

Datasheet:“SCIS113-320 data sheet,” Fighter Flexibility, Portland, USA.

Master/PhD’s Thesis / Dissertation : Z. Liew, “Efficiency evaluation for hotels” PhD. Hospitality. thesis, California State University, California, USA, Dec.. 2010.

Technical report:J. Norman, “Numerical model of wave” , California State University, CA., SCIS Tech. Rep. 559-1002, 1999.8 -

8- Reprints: After completing publication process, we will send electronic version of the manuscript ( a PDF file) to the corresponding author by e-mail. The same version is available online in website of the journal. To request printed version of your manuscripts contact the Publisher.

9- Copyright Authors Retain Copyright. Articles are published under the Creative Commons Attribution License. Authors can use and distribute the manuscript as long as the manuscript are not distributed to earn revenue and not in large amount. Authors can deposit and archive their own manuscripts published by RadZ Publishing. Authors are allowed to add their own manuscripts published by RadZ into bibliographic databases and university/institutional repositories without any embargo periods.

10- Open access and publication fee RadZ Publishing provides open access editions for authors as the research works,reports and other types of manuscripts can be seen and spread among all researchers in the world. This helps authors publishing in our journals to get more citations in other manuscripts. Readers can use all articles, papers, review papers, books, etc. for free. Readers can download, read and print the full text of the research articles, surveys, journals and books published by RadZ Publishing.

Publication Fee: Free


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Mohsen Yazdani    UCLA

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Reza Barzegaran   LAMAR UNIVERSITY 

Saeed Babadi      McGill University

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Dung-Hai Liang     Yuanpei University

Christian Kahl   Taylor's University Malaysia

Bahareh Akhtari  Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences

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Mohammad Alimohammadi    University of Arkansas at Little Rock 

Behrouz Daneshian      University of Tabriz

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Deepshikha Bhargava  Amity University Rajasthan

Mohd. Rizam Abu Bakar    University Putra Malaysia

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Abdul-Sattar Jaber Ali Al-Saif  Basrah University

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Naghmeh Sabermajidi    Taylor's University

Marzieh Khodavandloo    Universiti Technology Malaysia

Anahita Naderian             University Technology Malaysia


All journals published in RadZ Publishing follow open access publishing which provides immediate publishing. Open access publishing also gives the opportunity of publishing manuscripts with permanent availability online and researchers around the world have access to open access manuscripts and can use manuscripts which has a positive impact on current and future research and for the work of the researchers. Open access publishing makes publication process faster and helps manuscripts and publications to be cited more often. Authors retain copyright. Manuscripts published by RadZ Publishing Ltd appear

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