Business and Industry Consulting and Data Analysis

We provide consulting services, survey, data analysis and trainings for your business and your personal needs.  The focus of our services is mainly on  our clients' most critical issues and we provide services such as  organization and strategy, process and operations including cost minimization, efficiency analysis, efficiency improvement, simulation, forecasting, quality control by using analytics and statistical methods, modeling, regression analysis, forecasting, optimization and simulation. Contact us and let us help you with your business and improve its productivity.

Consulting with Research Proposals. Masters and Doctoral Dissertation  

We provide consulting for researchers and postgraduate students (Doctoral, PhD or Masters students) with quantitative and qualitative research methods. We can help you with your research proposal, questionnaire design, pilot test and data collection, statistical analysis of differences and relationships, where parametric and non-parametric tests can be used. We can also consult you with your introduction, literature review, analysis and conclusion chapters.