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Our instructors love  teaching and believe  that you can learn if  an instructor knows how to teach   you. It's not only teaching, we help you to have   a  systematic  plan   for  studying  and   for your success. We  have  passion  for   helping   others  learn     mathematics   and   gain    success.  Our instructors  know    how    to   teach mathematics  and they  provide   you    a  systematic      plan to study better and learn faster.  Our Instructors have commitment to make sure of your learning and will help  you with standard exercises  from easy to difficult. In this way, you have the opportunity to get familiar with problem solving step by step and  master any mathematics subject.

List of Courses :                    

Elementary Algebra  (Rate:  $ 60 per hour)

Pre-algebra (Rate:  $ 60 per hour)

Algebra 1 (Rate:  $ 60 per hour)

Algebra 2 (Rate:  $ 60 per hour)

Intermediate Algebra  (Rate:  $ 82 per hour)

Linear Algebra  (Rate:  $ 82 per hour)

Probability & Statistics  (Rate:  $ 100 per hour)

Pre-calculus  (Rate:  $ 82 per hour)

Calculus  (Rate:  $ 82 per hour)

Business Data Analysis and Statistics  (Rate:  $ 100 per hour)

Data Analysis for Managers  (Rate:  $ 100 per hour)

Head  of  Instructors :

Dr. Rad Click for more information

PhD in Applied Mathematics

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