1- Being used everywhere and for everyone: Microsoft Excel is the most computer software with spreadsheets being used by small to large businesses, government, private sector, Universities, Colleges, Schools, Hospitals and  also for personal use almost everywhere in the world.

2- Microsoft Excel training helps you in managing, organizing, decision making, statistical analysis, efficiency analysis, accounting, financing, planning and random selections.

3- Microsoft Excel training will teach you to organize, formulate, calculate, analyze, create diagrams, graphs, charts and tables.

4- Microsoft Excel helps you to minimize time of work by using auto-functions and formulas.

5- Microsoft Excel helps you to learn to graph bar charts, pie charts and histograms with professional labeling and titles. 

6- Microsoft Excel training helps you to learn how to use Analysis tool pack. 

Advanced MS Excel

The focus of this class is on using Microsoft Excel to solve statistics problems.

Subjects that we cover:
- Basic Statistics and Excel
- Inferential Statistics and excel
- Type of variables and measurement levels in excel
- Data Entry in Microsoft Excel and drop down menu 
- Descriptive Statistics
- Frequency tables, Pie chart, Bar chart, Histogram 
- Mean, Mode, Median
- Skewness, Standard Deviation, Variance 
- Hypothesis Testing for differences
- t-tests ( 1-sample test , 2-smaple test and paired t-test)
- Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
- Hypothesis Testing for Relations
- Graphing scatter diagram 
- Correlations and Regression                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

- analysis and decision making using Microsoft Excel
- Decision Analysis using the results from Microsoft Excel
- Interpretation, sensitivity analysis, writing report, conclusion and more.