RadZ Consulting's Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy 

(Updated  on 25 June 2020)

ABOUT US: We provide high quality business consulting services and personalized trainings, in house consulting, business data analytics, training classes such as data analysis and managerial decision making, and mathematical/statistical analysis plus related software classes in Sacramento California. Our professional instructors and consultants have many years of experience and use the latest developments and knowledge as they are from Academia involved in real projects from private and government sectors. RadZ Consulting Does NOT provide Audit/Review of financial statement and accounting records and only uses the information provided by the client and as a result RadZ Consulting is not responsible for any decisions the owners/managers/staff of the clients/businesses/ individuals make or whatever the result of those decision would be.  

If you use RadZConsulting.com (equivalent to www.RadZConsulting.com in the entire terms and conditions page and other pages) website (including all of web pages and associated web pages/sites), you accept (automatically) all rules, laws, regulations, limitations and terms and conditions of Use. By using this website, you also accept being responsible for agreement with any local rules and laws. DO NOT USE this website if you don't agree the terms and conditions provided. Copyright and trade mark laws protect contents of RadZ Consulting website.

Permission to use Contents of this website, RadZConsulting.com or/and its associate web pages is given to its users for viewing and understanding our services and any other use of the content of this website and its associates is prohibited. Such prohibition includes copying or modifying and using in other websites, businesses, commercial or advertisements, marketing, or any type of public display or even personal use.

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Cancellation Policy: We do not have any kind of cancellation policy or return policy as we provide services that involve knowledge sharing, learning/educating and business improvement. RadZ Consulting Does NOT provide Audit/Review of financial statement and accounting records. and as a result RadZ Consulting does not make final decisions and as a result RadZ Consulting  is not responsible for decisions made by the business owners. However, we provide high quality of service and have complete commitment to our client's success. You can get advantage of our unlimited free consulting even if you received one time service. For trainings and classes, you have free retake classes if you did not learn the topic/software in the first attempt. The Retake class schedule are provided by RadZ Consulting and number of participants vary. Only the same class will be assigned for the retake classes.

Content of Radzconsulting website and all the associated web pages are provided to help clients understand our services and their benefits and Radz Consulting company does not guarantee or make any promises or representation regarding the accuracy of information or reliability of results coming from the content of its website or its associated web pages. RadZ Consulting Does NOT provide Audit/Review of financial statement and accounting records.

Radz Consulting does not provide guarantee / promise success or improvement in business, increase or decrease in sales or profit or costs, life style, software or any subject learning process, job success or job guarantee or job interview success of its clients and is not responsible for decisions made by the business owners or managers or other clients after using RadZ Consulting services including web design, cost minimization, marketing, business improvement, efficiency analysis, all trainings and classes, CV or Resume' editing, CV / Resume Writing, CV/Resume consulting, Business consulting sessions, Job related sessions and other services not mentioned in this term and conditions content. 

All clients including (not limited to) business owners, students, trainees, managers, etc.(regardless of their sex/gender) are responsible for the outcome of their decisions about their business, manufacturing, marketing, advertising, life balance related, Job search, CV, Resume, Cover letter, job application, studying books, learning or practicing softwares or whatever client learns in RadZ consulting classes or consulting sessions are responsible for their decisions in business or life after using/receiving RadZ consulting services provided mentioned or not mentioned in this terms and conditions agreement as RadZ Consulting Does NOT provide Audit/Review of financial statement and accounting records and only rely on the information provided by the client as specified earlier.

RadZ consulting, owner/CEO/Manager/consultant/instructors or any service providers associated to RadZ Consulting, RadZ consulting.com website and all web pages or Radz Consulting associates are not responsible or liable for any damages (including software/ data/ hardware/ life related/ health related/ website/ other damages not included in this terms and conditions content) what so ever, regardless of the reason, from radzconsulting.com website or associated web pages, web links, use of web pages or use of consulting services or training/classes sessions, CV/Resume editing or writing, no matter online or face to face in person.

It's RadZ Consulting's right to make changes to its website/ web sites contents / term and conditions and its policies without informing its clients/customers (including website users or consulting clients) and RadZ Consulting does not guarantee accuracy of its website/associate web pages what so ever. 

Only by using/visiting our website/services you agree to the terms and conditions mentioned in this page. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions mentioned in this page, you should stop using this website immediately and remove/delete all information/data downloaded/collected from this website.

Privacy Policy: Privacy of customers/clients is the most important and a top priority of the RadZ Consulting. We do not provide your information to third party/other companies, organizations, person unless requested by any Superior court of law in the United States Of America or requested by yourself (client/customer).

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