SIMULATION USING ARENA TRAINING: the aim of this workshop is to introduce Arena as a powerful simulation tool which can help simulate processes in businesses and industries to first-time modelers with the skills to perform modeling and get projects from industry and businesses. The training allows students to master the software by starting with simple modeling, and solving small problems and continues with more complicated problems. There two levels of training available, 1-Introduction to simulation using Arena and 2-Advanced Simulation using Arena. 

Introduction to simulation using Arena
•        Introduction to Simulation
•        Statistical Distributions
•        User Interface
•        Using Basic Process Modules
•        Hierarchy
•        Costing
•        Resource Sets and Schedules
•        3D animation and dashboard
•        Making Decisions with Simulation
•        Animation
Advanced Simulation using Arena.
•        Advanced Process Panel
•        Additional Features and Methodologies
•        Material Handling Advanced Transfer
•        Process Analyzer
•        Expression Builder
.        Sensitivity analysis and Steady State statistical analysis
.         Entity Transfer
About Arena : Arena, is a leading simulation software that many companies and businesses in the world used it effectively and improved their efficiency and productivity. Arena allows managers and decision makers to see the result of their decision before making any changes in reality, such as adding or cutting resources. Arena helps organizations to predict required resources in the process of business and services and gives the ability to find waste of resources using user friendly drag and drop modules and connections.