Microsoft Word Training:

One of the most popular software created by Microsoft is MS Words Processor which is being used almost everywhere in the world. In our Microsoft Word training you will learn how to create word files, how to type with different sizes, font styles, edit, copy and paste written documents, graph tables, charts and many others. 

Our Microsoft Word training provides a good chance for those who want to learn Microsoft Word Processor from professional instructors who has been working with Microsoft Word for many years and are capable to teach Microsoft Word in a day and bring them to a level of knowledge that they can use it on their own without the need of other trainings. Our Microsoft Word training will make you capable to perform your day-to-day work at home and office more efficiently.

Topics to be covered in Microsoft Word Training:

Word Basics

Font Size, style and typing 

Checking Spelling and Grammar

Creating and Opening Documents

Save, Save as, open new

Basics of Text

Formatting Text

Headers, Footers, and Page Numbers

Page Layout


Drawing Tables

Inserting Tables

Inserting Symbols

inserting Equations

Inserting Charts

Line and Paragraph Spacing 

Working with Objects Pictures and Text Wrapping
 lesson contents

SmartArt Graphics





Printing Documents