Excel Workshop

Excel is being used everywhere and for everyone: Microsoft Excel is the most computer software with spreadsheets being used by small to large businesses, government, private sector, Universities, Colleges, Schools, Hospitals and  also for personal use everywhere in the world.

Excel Basic

Microsoft Excel training helps you in managing, organizing, decision making, statistical analysis, efficiency analysis, accounting, financing, planning and random selections.

Basic Microsoft Excel is the first step and vital to develop analytical skills. Better decisions are outcome of such skills and it‘s for both researchers and business managers.
 What you will learn:
- Quantitative data collection, and related data entry 

- Data entry, data cleaning,

- Organizing, Calculations, Formula writing, dragging, Fixing,
- Random Functions, max, min, sort, Mean Median Mode
- Bar Chart , Pie Chart, Histogram
- Mathematical Functions and formulating
- More Statistical functions, normality, scatter Diagram

- Interpretations and summary writing

Excel for Top Managers (
The focus of this class is on using Microsoft Excel to analyze data.Pivot Tables are included
- Basic Statistics and Excel
- Inferential Statistics and excel
- Type of variables and measurement levels in excel
- Descriptive Statistics
- Pivot Tables
- Frequency tables, Pie chart, Bar chart, Histogram 
- Mean, Mode, Median
- Skewness, Standard Deviation, Variance
- t-tests
- Graphing scatter diagram
- Correlation and Regression
- Decision making using Microsoft Excel
- Decision Analysis using the results from Microsoft Excel
- Interpretation, sensitivity analysis, writing report, conclusion and more.

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